Wednesday, March 10, 2010

its been so long

so i tried holding out on writing until it had been a year from my last post and i was going to take a picture of abby and compare it to how much she has grown. but you all have seen her so it doesnt really matter. i will still try and do it though. if i can remember.

so rick and i bought that acai berry cleanser and some fat burning one too. we bought two boxes so that we could do it at the same time. his is mainly because he has prt soon (but he is one of the ones in charge of that so he will pass it anyway) i am just taking it to see if it really works. i took it last night and then this morning and again tonight. wow three times in a row with out forgetting. IM AMAZED. haha i get so forgetful about stuff like that.

so i weighed my self last night and i weighed 180. bleck. but the good news is that it is still 10 pounds less then what i weighed 6 months before we left california. my constant weight was 190. rick went out to sea for his last 6 month deployment (but it was only 3 since he was transfering before the boat got back). i lost around 20 pounds (i wonder if that is why i got pregnant?) came up to washington, found out i was pregnant, lost 5-10 more pounds (morning sickness sucks!) and then was 220 the day before i had abby. i felt so huge! i have NEVER been above 190. i know i had a large baby in me but still.

so i hope i can continue to update you on this little journey of mine. i should be excersizing also...but i cant see that happening. i did do the wii fitness plus on day. i did the candle thing and lasted the entire mintue and a half (approx.) if you dont know what it is, its a meditation type thing where you sit on the board and stare at a candle until you move or it goes out. i think rick lasted around 30-36 seconds (huh i wonder were abby gets her 'cantsitstilledness'...hahaha)

signing off for now.

p.s. sorry beth for not putting proper capitalization and proper sentences on here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a day at the park

lizzy had her last day of school at evergreen state park. i tried to upload some pics of lizzybut for some reason they wouldnt let me do it. I will try and post later.

*side note* waste mangement is RETARED!!!! some how we had two accounts opened in november. we got that straightened out in december but they forgot to move our yard waste service to the open account. well two weeks ago they picked up our full container, this week they did not! there was a pink slip in our still full container saying we didnt have an account. I immediately called customer service and told them what was going on. they so kindly set up the service on my open account but 'unfortunatley they are unable to start service on the same day'. so they arent picking up my SUPER FULL container until june 4th!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

awake and feeling great!

I am up with the sun, as my baby demands every morning. Since she didnt sleep very well yesterday after being at moms house and then going to the babysitter (where she had too much funplaying with Katy, Maddie, and Roxy) she fell back asleep after 10 minutes of playing. I was awake laying in bed listening for her cry and was hoping she would fall back asleep so i could also.

But I couldn't go back to sleep, maybe it was because I knew is was going to be a super beautiful day out, or maybe it was because we are hopefully getting rid of the couch in our garage today (we got rid of a tv from our closet yesterday, we gave it to the above mentioned babysitter). Getting rid of the BIG clutter in our house makes me feel a little lighter in the heart. It is less for me to worry about and more space for us to put new clutter in...HAHA just kidding. I feel like wanting to get rid of more things when i let go of one big thing.

Now if only I could get Rick to help me, or not argue with me about stuff. He thinks I only get rid of his stuff. I guess I do get rid of his stuff. But when it lays in the garage for a year and isnt touched then why not. I used to be that way and for the most part I still am. I think we might need it someday. Lizzy has this really nice thing ( I cant remember what it is now) and Heather (i think) said why dont you keep it for Abby. I thought about it and said I am NOT going to keep that in my garage for 5 years.

I would forget it was even there! I have a tendancy to forget about what I have if I cant see it everyday. It is hard having a shelf full of food out in the garage becuase I forget to look there when I am planning dinner. I looked in the super back of my retarded cupboard and found a box of strawberry milkshake oreos for when we first moved in. I thought the kids would love them but they fell into the hole that is my cupboard, the hole was made by bad planning on the part of the people who built my kitchen. My badly planned out kitchen is going to be a future post!

I think I hear the baby stirring so I should get up and get a few things done before I get her out of bed for breakfast.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

abby is now getting into stuff

sorry this is so long but i was hoping she would do what she did before. she does do it but it is near the end. it is almost 5 montues long but enjoy her playing and then you will see what i am talking about!

new fridge

So what happens when your freeze melts in the middle of the get a new one! It took me an hour to pick one out! rick and lizzy had to go out into the mall to get some lunch while i was still trying to decide. we tried to get a loan to get a new one but when we applied through our bank they told us to call back in 24-48 hours. we couldnt go that long with out a fridge. i asked my mom if they had any money on their sears card and luckily they did (thanks mom and dad)! so we paid with that and got not payments and no interest for a year, so hopefully we can get that paid off before the year is up. we are lucky we got that because if we had gotten the loan then we would be paying interest also.

It is a little fancier then i wanted but it has an ice dispenser (which we need because of rick).

sorry it is dark. i guess the flash didnt go off. the six holes on the left are for soda.

the freezer has 4 compartments. which is nice cuz now i dont have to dig through the whole freezer to find the last bag of frozen corn ( or the last tub of ice cream lol). all i have to do now is replace all the food we lost in the great freezer melt down (which wasnt all that much).

random pictures

this is the bruise that was left from ricks sprained ankle.

this is what happens when daddy feeds abby. she ends up doing it some reason she will not eat when he feeds her. he gets frustated and i end up doing it.
here shirley is entertaining abby.

this it the tooth shirley lost at school.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Abby had her first crackers. She loves them and they make a great mess!

Isnt she super cute!

Look at those eyes!

for the rugby fest the guys dressed up as banditos on saturday night. here ricks 'dress rehersal' unfortunatley i forgot my camera when we went to montana. One team dressed up as wrestlers from the 80's. they were awesome. I told Rick that they needed to decide sooner what they wanted to do ( they decided two days before we left what they were dressing up as...i am surprised we found everything we need..they also dressed up as pirates on friday).

this is so not normal

rick landed on the side of his ankle while playing basketball. he said when he landed he heard a crunch. so i am litterally dragging him to the er today (they didnt have any appts open for today)...i might not have made a big deal about it but he then played on it for another hour or two! sheesh!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

her first fit (4/29)

Lizzy had ritz crackers for snack today so i thought i would see how Abby did with them. She ate it pretty good, she had a few little peices left over. She turned around (she is in her jumperoo) and saw Lizzy eating a cracker. She FREAKED out! She started jumping up and down crying and screaming. Even when I held another on of the leftover peices in front of her. She finally noticed it and then devoured it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

bath time for abby

Rick decided to give Abby her bath downstairs on the counter yesterday. Let me tell you...i made sure to remove everything from it. I knew it was going to get soaked. She loves to splash.

For comparison she was about 3 weeks old in the picture on the bottom and she will be 6 months on friday.

meet the newest member of our family

our new car!!! i didnt really like driving it at first but the more i drive it the more i like it! unfortunately once it get base stickers he will be driving it everyday. all of us dont fit in it so maybe will we get rid of one

Poor Girl Scout!

So I was talking to Rick on the phone this afternoon and he told me not to look in the freezer. I of course was suspicous. I asked him what he did. He goes on to say he beat up a girl scout and stole her cookies. I then asked how many boxes were in the freezer and he goes "around 20-ish". My IMMEDIATE response was 'how much did that cost us. He told me 'nothing...i told you i beat up a girl scout'.

I made sure to get the loaf of bread so you could compare the size of the bag to it.

***edited to add---there are 13 boxes in the bag