Wednesday, March 10, 2010

its been so long

so i tried holding out on writing until it had been a year from my last post and i was going to take a picture of abby and compare it to how much she has grown. but you all have seen her so it doesnt really matter. i will still try and do it though. if i can remember.

so rick and i bought that acai berry cleanser and some fat burning one too. we bought two boxes so that we could do it at the same time. his is mainly because he has prt soon (but he is one of the ones in charge of that so he will pass it anyway) i am just taking it to see if it really works. i took it last night and then this morning and again tonight. wow three times in a row with out forgetting. IM AMAZED. haha i get so forgetful about stuff like that.

so i weighed my self last night and i weighed 180. bleck. but the good news is that it is still 10 pounds less then what i weighed 6 months before we left california. my constant weight was 190. rick went out to sea for his last 6 month deployment (but it was only 3 since he was transfering before the boat got back). i lost around 20 pounds (i wonder if that is why i got pregnant?) came up to washington, found out i was pregnant, lost 5-10 more pounds (morning sickness sucks!) and then was 220 the day before i had abby. i felt so huge! i have NEVER been above 190. i know i had a large baby in me but still.

so i hope i can continue to update you on this little journey of mine. i should be excersizing also...but i cant see that happening. i did do the wii fitness plus on day. i did the candle thing and lasted the entire mintue and a half (approx.) if you dont know what it is, its a meditation type thing where you sit on the board and stare at a candle until you move or it goes out. i think rick lasted around 30-36 seconds (huh i wonder were abby gets her 'cantsitstilledness'...hahaha)

signing off for now.

p.s. sorry beth for not putting proper capitalization and proper sentences on here.


Beth said...

I was more focused on the "bleck" than the lack of capitals and punctuation. Hahahaha.

Glad to see that you are starting the "healthy" journey with the rest of us. I need to post about my progress soon.

I see you didn't mention Taco Bell in your post. Are you in denial? LOL

Kimi said...

glad to see a post form you dani. we can all try and get healthier together. what day could we all update on it....let's think on that.